Pam's Natural All-Purpose Cream

This is a recipe given to me by a special lady called Pam - for her lovely natural waxy all-purpose cream, it can be used on the face, lips, hands, nail cuticles - pretty much wherever you like.

​In the past, I have used a tiny bit everyday on my face - I enjoy the waxy oily consistency, it moisturises any dry bits and acts like a primer for makeup, concealer slides on much easier when this cream is applied as a base. 


           2 x tbsp beeswax granules

​           3 x tbsp coconut oil

          30 x drops geranium oil

          10 x drops lavender oil

          A pot for storing the cream

(I recycled an old spice jar)

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Coconut oil


Essential oils

  • Beeswax is a by-product to producing honey, therefore it is a renewable and sustainable alternative to synthetic oils + waxes which can be in some face products.   

  • I make sure to buy coconut oil which is labelled ‘virgin’ as this indicates the  product has taken an un-refined process - ensuring the oil has come from fresh coconuts. If it is a virgin oil it will most likely be organic and produced in a cold-press method, so those are 3 things to look for on labelling.

  • You can use whatever essential oils you like and adjust the number of drops depending on how scented you like your products. I chose Germanium because it is probably my favourite essential oil scent it’s lovely to get a whiff of it every day on my skin, and lavender because of its comforting qualities in relaxing ​the skin and mind.

Method:​ It's as simple as this:

  • Combine the beeswax + coconut oil in a saucepan on a low heat,

  • Wait until they have melted and stir together

  • Take off from the heat

  • Add in your chosen drops of essential oil

  • Pour the liquid into a suitable container, and wait for it to set

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